Spellbinders is a wonderful organization of volunteer storytellers who spin tales for children and for all who like to hear good stories.  I joined Spellbinders and told stories for a while with my harp. The children knew me as Lady Janet and my harp was known as Guinevere. Together we brought our stories to life with music and sound effects.

Carbondale's local radio station KDNK asked Spellbinders to provide a ghost story for Halloween.  On October 29, 2010, I retold the story "The Golden Hand" by S.E. Schlosser.  It is a story about a man who murders his new wife by slowly poisoning her because he wants to possess her solid golden hand. His wife returns to haunt him.  The harp is a great instrument for creating a spooky and eerie atmosphere for this story.

 Please enjoy the broadcast of The Golden Hand - A Story with Harp Effects

If you are interested in performing this piece on harp yourself or want to perform it with a separate story reader, I have the music all written out with the story. The special effects are described with photo examples.  
The Golden Hand - A Story with Harp Effects.

The harp is great for accompanying poems as well.  Here is a video where I used harp accompaniment and sound effects to enhance the poem Twas the Night Before Christmas.




And here is a video of the story of The Three Trees with harp accompaniment.