Glory, Still, and Gentle Trio for Eng hrn, Hrn, Pno (Alternate parts available)

For English horn, French horn, and Piano
Performance Time: 4:49

Score and parts - $20.50
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Recorded by SHEPHERD'S TRIO on their SONG OF JOY CD

Also available for other instruments: 
Click to purchase an alternate Flute or Oboe part 
Click to purchase an alternate Bb Clarinet part 
Click to purchase an alternate Bassoon or Cello part 



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For a printed version that will be shipped to you, please visit TrevCo Varner Music. They have a huge selection of music for double reed players and offer many of my double reed pieces. You can find them at this link:  Music by Janet Lanier at TrevCo Varner Music.

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Price: $20.50