Three Lullabies for Small Harp (FREE!)

For 22 String Harp, Lever Harp, or Pedal Harp
By Janet Lanier

These sweet lullabies are fairly easy to learn. Although they are written for a 22 string harp, they could also be played on larger harps. The lowest note in all of the lullabies is middle C.

Sing a Magic Song for Voice and Harp

For Voice and Harp

Words and Music by
Janet Lanier

Key of G
This is a sweet but inspiring song for those people like me who are introverts and use their music to give them courage. The harp part requires no lever or pedal changes and there is one glissando.
Vocal range from middle C to D:


Sing a Magic Song for Harp Duet (FREE!)

For Harp Duet

Words and Music
by Janet Lanier

Key of C
Includes Full score and Harp 1 and 2 parts
No lever or pedal changes required. One glissando in the Harp 2 part.

Black Capped Sweet-A-Dee - Both Versions at a discount!

Can't decide which version you want of Black Capped Sweet-A-Dee? You can purchase both versions (for solo harp and for soprano voice and harp) at a discount. 



Black Capped Sweet-A-Dee for Voice and Harp

For Soprano Voice and Harp
Words & Music by Janet Lanier


Homeward for English horn (or Flute or Oboe) and Organ

For English horn and Organ (alternate flute/oboe part included)

Arr. by J. Lanier

Performance Tme - 3:28
Score with English horn, Flute or Oboe part - $8.50
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Homeward for Wind Instrument and Organ - Alternate Clarinet Part

Homeward is originally scored for English horn and Organ. An alternate part for the English horn part can be played on the clarinet. Click on "Add to cart" below to purchase the alternate clarinet part. You will also need the full score for the organ part.


Flight of the Mountain Bluebird for Harp Duet (FREE!)

For harp duet (originally a harp trio) by Janet Lanier
Key of C
No lever/pedal changes required