Kling, Glöckchen (Ring, Little Bell) for Three Harps (FREE!)

For Three Lever or Pedal Harps

Arr. by J. Lanier

Key of C
Full Score

This is a very cute arrangement with the Harp 1 part playing the melody throughout while the other harp parts play bell-like accompaniments.

Harp 1 requires a lever or pedal change on F#
Harps 2 and 3 require no lever or pedal changes
Harp 3 could be played on a 22 string (lowest note is G below middle C, highest note is G - 2 1/2 octaves above middle C)

• Download the free full score and the three harp parts in one PDF by clicking on "add to cart" in the CATALOG.

• Or download individual parts here:
Harp 1
Harp 2
Harp 3