Painting White Roses for Harp (or Voice and Harp)

For lever or pedal harp
or for voice and harp

By Janet Lanier

There is one lever or pedal change in this song

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Lyrics to the song: PAINTING WHITE ROSES
I'm painting white roses
While love passes by,
I wait each day and I sigh.
Sometimes they stay a while but soon they all fly,
So I paint my white roses and cry.

I paint them blue for I am sad
And paint them red when I am mad;
I paint every rose in my sight.

I paint them black when I feel hate
And paint them gray, I fear my fate;
There's hardly a petal left white.
There's hardly a petal left white.

I'm painting white roses while love stays away,
But they will return so they said.
But I can't be waiting for hopes of that day,
So I'm painting white roses instead.
So I'm painting white roses instead.



Price: $3.00